Rex Maddox, Evan Stone, and Dirk Wakefield are the coolest, hottest boys on the team this year: that's why they stick together. But when they meet up at Dirk's house after a tough practice, a simple back rub turns into a situation that's bringing them closer than these three ever thought they'd be! Dirk offers to massage Evan's sore shoulders, and Evan gladly accepts. Rex chimes in, of course, asking when he'll get a turn from strong-handed Dirk. Dirk's happy to rub Rex too, but he has no idea the type of massage Rex has in mind! When Rex pops his hard cock out of his shorts, Dirk gets the picture quick! Before it's all over, you'll get to watch these hot, rambunctious guys erupt in hot, creamy delight.


School's back in session at Helix Academy and problems exceed the textbooks!!! Ryker Madison arrives at class early to tease his lover turned professor Doug Acre before the class begins. It doesn't take much for Ryker to convince Doug to please his tight hole and bend him over a desk. Without their knowledge two other students accidentally stumble upon this extracurricular activity and begin to plot against these love birds. Welcome back Helix Hellcats!


When Liam Riley first told Helix Studios his dream was to have sex with Evan Parker—and only Evan Parker—they granted the sultry cheerleader his wish by preparing a private room with just his dream boy and the Helix Real Cam. Their time together became Liam's porn debut!