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Proving that boys will be boys, twinktastic bois Noah White and Evan Parker are horsing around on the playground. They reminisce about their first scene together; then, out of the blue Noah tackles Parker to the ground and a sexy wrestling match ensues. Knowing things are heating up, the pair move somewhere more private before being arrested for public indecency….


Sean Ford is a spectacular gift from the heavens. Master mind Max Carter chats the stud up about his hobbies, home town and the gym, which is where the beauty has just come from. Still engorged and glistening from his work out, the golden boy gets down to business showing us what he's workin' with. Carter gets the boy's boner cranked up, then has him turn around to show us his other good side. Beautiful, smooth and golden brown, Ford has THE most perfect skin on the planet; and his cock ain't bad either! He peels his skin tight underwear off and the show gets a lot hotter!


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